Dear friends

So many people felt the call to come to Wellington in the last few weeks….

We came, we found each other, we found a community, built a village and created a stir.
More than a stir!

We received so much love and support! The overflowing food, the tents, the sleeping bags, the batteries, offers of support, accommodation, showers, laundry, money and so much more. So many of us worked so hard!!! It has been a most extra-ordinary time, and it’s not over yet.

It wasn’t perfect - there were lots of challenges and obstacles and we have been crushed with a blow that has seen us scatter for a moment and prepare for another time and another place.

Donations to Profest
To all of those who made donations and sent many supportive and loving messages through the website - THANK YOU!
Your kindness, support and donations have gone a long way into supporting and paying for many of the costs incurred by the occupation that had no other source of funding!
At this stage we are no longer gathering donations through the site as the current action has come to an end.

As we go through the final receipts and invoices incurred by the occupation over the coming days, we will endeavour to send a financial report to each and every person who made a donation through this site, as accountability and transparency is paramount to the team involved.
In addition to this, as promised, all of those who donated funds will be able to participate in voting on what is to be done with any funds that remain.

The team would like to thank every single person that made a financial contribution to the cause, we will be in touch soon!