Parliament Protestors Request Meeting With Government

To the Honourable Members of Parliament,

Today (14 February 2022) marks one week since tens of thousands of New Zealanders from all walks of life, ages and ethnicities joined together in a peaceful protest Those present at Parliament have travelled from all over the country to support the protest. They have been supported in many different ways by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis.

They are united in condemning the government’s flagrant breach of human rights, deliberate divisiveness, and discrimination. The constant law changes are inconsistent with the government’s duties to the New Zealanders it was elected to represent.

The protest is a result of immense frustration and concern. People are outraged by the conduct of government and its lack of respect, dismissive attitude and unwillingness to engage.

The people have travelled from all corners of the country to remind members of Parliament of their duties as elected representatives.

It is time for the government to listen.

It is time for our government to recognize the sovereign rights of New Zealanders.

This communication summarises the views of the majority of groups present at Parliament today. Those represented are:

Convoy 2022 NZ, Freedom Alliance, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science, Outdoors & Freedom Movement, The Freedom and Rights Coalition and Voices for Freedom.

All agree that the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act and all the orders and mandates made under that legislation must be revoked immediately.

Those represented request an urgent meeting with senior cabinet ministers to open dialogue.

The mandates are unnecessary and need to be lifted.

The infection fatality rate of Omicron is lower than the seasonal flu. Prior to the global pandemic it was considered ‘normal’ for 500-700 New Zealanders to die each year from the seasonal flu.

On average 100 Kiwis die each day from various causes. There needs to be perspective.

The traffic light system, the “no jab, no job” laws and other mandates are discriminatory, not warranted and a breach of fundamental human rights. New Zealanders, our friends and media from around the world watched in horror the deplorable and unlawful police conduct towards peaceful protestors including women and children. This abhorrent and bullying conduct was instigated and perpetuated by the speaker, Trevor Mallard. Our united request is to reinstate the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance
and good faith.

Participants are determined to maintain their presence until the mandates end. This letter has been sent to all Members of Parliament and news

We await your urgent response,

Convoy 2022 NZ, Freedom Alliance, New Zealand Doctors Speaking
Out with Science, Outdoors & Freedom Movement, The Freedom and
Rights Coalition and Voices for Freedom.